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Unforgettable Hollywood jazz-era ambiance.

Brand Development / Creative Execution / Web Design 

GB Entertainment is Los Angeles’ go-to event entertainment partner for bringing the unforgettable ambiance of Hollywood jazz-era class to events of all shapes and sizes. Their skilled professional musicians play a sophisticated mix of old school favorites and contemporary hits that span the decades. As their popularity grew, they expanded their repetoire to include a three-piece jazz act, as well as 4 and 6-piece bands fronted by smooth vocalist Jayme Palmer. It was time to translate the intangible vibe they created into words and visuals that helped the business grow. They needed to showcase their offering as unique and oozing vibe, as well as being the top-notch dependable and professional option.


I performed a full brand evaluation and deep-dive into their corner of the music industry before working with the company’s partners to carefully craft their brand image from the inside out. In addition to internal materials, I also revamped their website design and landing pages for a full-picture update that caused an influx of new business. 

Brand Development (Image & Expression)  /  Creative Execution  /  Web Design

how do you want them to feel?

GB had already built a reputation for creating the kind of enveloping background ambiance that brought the classy, sexy, and elegant edge to cocktail hours, lounge events, swanky dinners in upscale Beverly Hills, and trendy brunches in Playa Del Ray. Their brand image and positioning needed to speak to this -  to immediately transport the audience into a classy, dimly lit lounge, or to a breezy oceanside hang. It also needed to tell prospective clients that communication would be easy, and they'd be fully taken care of at every turn. The colors, logos, and image style leaned hard into those elements, and came together into a highly effective package. 

Core Identity

Brand Positioning

Visual Expression

Style Guide

building an experience.

The main website was completely redesigned using the new brand aesthetic and voice, including image styles and fresh copy. In addition to the design itself, I crafted an approach that highlighted their distinctive offerings - like in-home lessons, student jams, band coaching, live performances, and songwriting and recording.  The result? A very full picture emphasizing their own unique identity.

Website (design + copy)

Landing Page

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