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Creative leadership, development, and production of premium content.

Creative Direction + Production


Meat + potatoes. Insight-driven and strategic development of campaigns that help brands connect and engage with their audiences in today’s purpose-driven landscape.



Brand Strategy Development + Execution


Deep-dives into internal brand strategy, personality, and expression. Conceptualization and creation of multi-dimensional marketing campaigns concentrating on brand storytelling techniques by utilizing organic and paid social content, email marketing, website redesign and refreshes, PR, and live events.



Creative Operations Leadership


Effectively turning creative vision into execution by bridging the gap between developing and maintaining streamlined creative production processes, and upholding the integrity and heart of unique creative work. (Or as I like to call it, “making it happen”.)



I’ve produced features, documentaries, music videos, viral content, promos, and photoshoots. I’ve directed bite–sized docustories for small companies and some of today’s biggest sports, entertainment, beauty, automotive, and insurance brands. More recently, I’ve helped brands strategize and create robust content campaigns that help them connect with their audience in today’s especially purpose–driven landscape. I definitely have a soft spot for telling stories for charities and children’s arts education.  


**Occasional travel show host. Mom of twins. Lover of obscure Australian comedies. Dreams of horses, although I’m deathly allergic. Swears like a sailor. Ask me about the time I was in a hot air balloon crash.


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