Creative leadership, development, and production of premium content.

I work with a team of talented creatives to solve problems that help today’s top brands make meaningful and lasting connections with our audience. I craft authentic stories. I find the meaning, the reason, and the heart - and ensure that the heart is translated to the audience in a way that feels powerful and hits home.


I protect the creative spirit of what we do as people, and as a company – which, coincidentally, is the reason clients want to be part of what we do in the first place. Every day I guide a talented team of creators through the process of bringing top quality content to life in our unique voice. At the highest level, I help guide our partners and clients through all kinds of projects – from both a creative and a logistical standpoint. I ensure that, overall, things are engaging and entertaining, done well, and on time.


Personality-wise, I’m pretty OK. People seem to like me. Once we’re all comfortable, I believe they think I’m funny. I do tend to swear a lot, but only because those words happen to be the best for emphasis.  


“What’s your favorite movie?” 

This is a popular question.


Mine is Young Einstein, an obscure (at least in the US) Australian film from 1989 that tells the fictional story of Albert Einstein inventing a formula to put bubbles into beer – and sort of inadvertently discovering the theory of relativity, and saving the world with his newest invention, rock-n-roll. I saw it when I was very young, and as a result, believed it to be (for at least a few years) a true story. But more importantly this film gave me my unique sense of humor, a belief that for love you should be willing to cross continents by any ramshackle method necessary, and a forever belief that the reverby vibe of 80’s music is where it’s at.  I should also mention that although the movie may be obscure in the US, it was not in the rest of the world. A guy named Yahoo Serious (seriously) sold his old car and borrowed camera equipment from friends to get started, then wrote, produced, directed, and starred in the film. He ended up with a cultural phenomenon on his hands, for which he was on the cover of Time Magazine.


He said “If you really really really want to make a movie, you’ll find a way. If you don’t, you’ll find an excuse.”  


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