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Preserving and protecting our American story.

Brand Development / Web Design / Content Planning

The Oregon-California Trails Association is a non-profit organization with the primary purpose of protecting, preserving, and promoting the nineteenth century American westward emigrant trails. Anyone who’s ever played the infamous “Oregon Trail” video game in 5th grade has a vague idea of the perils of traveling the trail (ie, “You have died of dysentery”). Truly understanding this history is to realize that being bold enough to pick up their belongings and trek westward into certain danger armed only with the hope that a better life was waiting on the other side was a real-life scenario for those brave enough to undertake the journey. OCTA works to ensure that the land and the stories of the trails stick around for us to learn from for generations to come.

OCTA was formed in 1982, and hadn’t had an image refresh since. Their mission and vision of the future was clear to the stakeholders within the organization, but the outward language and expression were not conveying the passion of their mission. They wanted to reach new audiences with membership messages, garner interest in their many regional events, and become a viable partner for contemporary green-minded and sustainable brands. Together, we undertook an extensive brand refresh that included all aspects of their internal and external identity. 

Brand Development (Identity & Expression)  /  Web Design  /  Brand Storytelling + Content Planning

rethinking a purposeful non-profit.

The Oregon-California Trails Association is the definition of a purpose-driven organization, with their primary mission being to protect and preserve America’s historic westward emigrant trails. With themes tying not only into American history, but also into contemporary environmental concerns and conservation efforts as a whole, OCTA is poised to engage a wide new audience - if the org can reach and attract them with their mission and core messages. I worked with KTF Creative to bring OCTA into the modern era, by leading a deep-dive into the org’s core Purpose, Vision, Mission, and Values. From those pillars, we crafted their new visual expression using vibrant new imagery and design styles. With updated language aimed at inspiring emotion and action, we crafted a thoughtful and robust brand presentation that keeps them relevant and compelling. 

Core Identity

Brand Positioning

Visual Expression

Style + Content Guide

driving audience connection.

With a strong core identity and a compelling visual expression in place, we turned our attention to dreaming up content campaigns that would help the world get to know OCTA in a more personal way. Who are the members, what do they do, why should others get involved? My favorite way to approach a blank slate like this is to imagine various themes, or creative paths as "buckets". For each of the buckets we dove deep into a theme that would tell the story of OCTA, with the goal to build a loyal audience who would be looking forward to each post. 

Creative Content Pitch + Campaign Planning

Social Content Scheduling Proposal

Redesigned Website Landing Page

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