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Creativity and Confidence Through Music

Brand Development / Web Design / Content Planning (Organic and Paid Social)

SoundLife Music Academy is Los Angeles’ only fully immersive music program, offering in-home lessons and exciting on stage experiences. With the mission to educate, inspire, and unite, SoundLife provides an experience that helps students not only discover their creative voice, but also develop the confidence and power to express it. 

I led a deep dive into SoundLife's origins in performance and education to distill down to the brand's powerful and purpose-driven core identity and personality, and then ensured that their identity read loud and clear at every audience touchpoint. Website design, and an overall online presence overhaul including a thoughtful revamping of their social profiles and content campaigns completed the picture. 

Brand Development (Personality & Expression)  /  Web Design  /  Content Planning & Development

who are you, and why?

SoundLife was created by professional gigging musicians in Los Angeles, to help kids discover their own creative voices and build the confidence to get on stage with their peers and rock the room.  The teachers are skilled musicians who play arenas, as well as mentors to their students, and that needed to come across in their image (think "School of Rock", but a lot more personal attention and way cooler, *wink*.)  They cater to an upscale clientele, many of whom are in the entertainment industry themselves, so they needed to stand out above the crowd. I worked with them to distill their core identity and purpose, creating a comprehensive Brand Book.

Core Identity

Brand Strategy

Personality and Voice 

Visual Expression

Style Guide

getting the word out.

The main website was completely redesigned using the new brand aesthetic and voice, including image styles and fresh copy. In addition to the design itself, I crafted an approach that highlighted their distinctive offerings - like in-home lessons, student jams, band coaching, live performances, and songwriting and recording.  The result? A very full picture emphasizing their own unique identity.

Website (design + copy)

Social Profile Updates

reaching your audience.

Part of the process was to create a killer Brand Storytelling Guide for their team to refer back to, and a content marketing approach consisting of a fun and ongoing educational email series to bring students and their families further into the community. The weekly content series was supported by a robust schedule of social media collateral corresponding to the tentpole topics. Completing the picture on the marketing end was paid social creative strategy, ad production, and a fresh new landing page. 

Content Planning (emails + social media)

Campaign Development (creative dev + execution)

Performance Creative (paid social)

Landing Pages

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